Ronda Rousey Research Paper

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Ronda Rousy is an MMA fighter in the UFC. Rousey is known for her fierce feisty attitude. However, there is one thing that upsets her, people criticizing her body. While getting in shape for a commercial she was working on someone called her fat. In an interview talking about the situation Rousey stated “I swear to god, if anyone calls me fat one more time in my life, I am going to kill them (Marikar).” Being called fat makes Rousey angry because she has always thought negatively of her body as a child. Many women suffer the same thing because of how the media has brainwashed women on how they feel they should look and act. Now for the commercial Rousey was shooting she planned to loose weight. However, because of the comment someone made about her being fat she decided to come in for the shoot a much heavier. As a young girl fighting in judo tournaments there was always weight restrictions for each match. Dealing with these weight limits lead to eating problems and then bulimia for a short time. Rousey felt her…show more content…
The media is a social institution that came from societal shifts such as the evolution of the traditional family unit and the displacement of gender roles (Conner). The media has always shown what it feels is beautiful body image. The definition of body image “is how you see yourself when you look in the mirror or when you picture yourself in your mind (What Is Body Image).” Which has made women like Ronda Rousey feel bad about their body image. The media has brainwashed people to think they must look a certain way. People cannot help but be brainwashed by the media because its everywhere. The Negative side of the media itself is a social problem. For example, television shows glorifying people who are considered the standard definition of beautiful. These kinds of television shows are conditioning people to beat themselves up if they don’t look a certain
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