Ronda Rousey's Defeat Summary

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The article I have chosen for this week is called “What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Ronda Rousey’s Defeat”; I found this article on the Forbes website. Ronda Rousey is a former Olympian who became a UFC fighter in 2012. Since her arrival in the UFC she has become one of the most popular and dominant athletes in sports. That was until she lost her first fight a little over a week ago. Ronda Rousey was an undefeated UFC fighter until November 15, 2015 when she went up against Holly Holm. Going into this fight Rousey was the clear favorite to win the fight. Rousey lost to Holm in the second round of the fight from a kick to the head. When the fight was over, “public adulation turned to scorn, and people came out of the woodwork to revel in her defeat” and now it seems that everyone had turned on her (Myers, 2015). The author believes that entrepreneurs can learn some things from Rousey’s defeat. Myers first said “The only thing people love more than building up a hero is knocking one down” and he believes entrepreneurs and leaders should remember this when they are riding high (Myers, 2015). Next he said you should “Never believe your own hype” because even you can fail. Success tends to change people even if you are a grounded person “the human mind is wired to believe its own hype”…show more content…
Rousey could use the four Motivational Mechanisms of Goal Setting Theory to devise a plan to regain her popularity. She just needs to set accomplishable goals and follow through with action plans until she reaches them. She will be able to overcome any obstacle that is in her way if she just stays motivated. I don’t think her legacy will fade either. Once people see how she is able to pick herself back up and continue to do what she loves they will gain a huge amount of respect for her; like I

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