Ronnie Brooks Stylistic Analysis

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1.Melody Brooks is the main character. Even though she suffers from spastic bilateral quadriplegia, she is one of the smartest kids in her grade. One example that proves this, is when she gets every question right on the quiz team trial exam.

2.Penny is Melody’s little sister. She is very energetic and bright. She is energetic because in the book she was always dressing up or running away in a comical sense.For example, on pages 173 & 174, She crawls away from her mother towards her father and says “Go work Daddy?”.

3.Connor is one of melody’s classmates. He is very loud and bursts out quite often. One example of this, is when they are taking the practice test, he yells “Baby Questions!”

4.Mrs. Valencia is like Melody’s second mother.She
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Catherine is melody’s aid.According to Melody, she has a very odd sense of clothing choice. She is also very defensive. When Claire or Molly are being rude, she snaps at them.

10. Melody disability is called Cerebral Palsy. This disability makes it so she can’t walk talk or even take care of herself. As a side effect of this she has “Tornado Storms” which is when she screams, jerks and screeches. She has these Tornadoes when she gets to excited.

11.There is a conflict at the end when Melody and her family plan to go to D.C for the quiz competition. They arrive at the airport only to realize that the team left her behind. Melody is devastated and the team places 9th in the competition.

12.The theme don’t judge a book by its cover is used in this book a couple ways. All the doctors underestimated Melody and told her parents that she was really dumb, but little they know she had many mental capabilities.On the outside Melody is a small girl in a pink wheelchair with dark curly hair and brown eyes, with one of the eyes being slightly out-of-whack. On the inside she is a brilliant learner with thirst for knowledge. Another example of don’t judge a book by its cover is also demonstrated, when Mr. Dimming underestimates Melody’s intelligence at the quiz team
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