Ronnie's Objects In The Last Song By Ronnie Miller

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I can’t imagine a life without my dad, but Veronica “Ronnie” Miller desperately wants nothing to do with hers. Ronnie is an altruistic young adult, a bitter daughter, and a talented pianist. Following a messy divorce, Ronnie along with her little brother, Jonah, are forced to stay with their father for the summer. Ronnie resents her father for leaving their family and is less than thrilled to spend her summer in North Carolina. After getting herself mixed up with the wrong crowd, she finds her rebellious personality challenged by a boy named Will. They soon begin to fall in love, changing Ronnie’s perspective on many things, including her father. In this journal, I will be discussing important objects throughout the novel and their significance.…show more content…
The most essential object displayed throughout The Last Song is the piano. Ronnie used to play the piano but abruptly stopped when her parents got a divorce. It was something she shared with her father, so she wanted to spite him by not playing anymore. She hated it so much that she boarded up the piano at Steve’s house. Ronnie soon came to love her father again, and once she found out he was dying she decided to finish the song he was writing before he was hospitalized. Once it’s completed, she arranges for her father to come home so that she can give her father one last infallible performance. As Ronnie plays his last song, Steve thinks, “God, he suddenly understood, was love in its purest form, and in these last months with his children, he had felt His touch as surely as he had heard the music spilling from Ronnie 's hands” (Sparks 358). This is the last song that he hears before he passes, making it the most important moment in the entire novel. The Last Song is without a doubt a novel that hits close to home for me, and I felt that I really connected to the theme. With a bracelet that sparked ☺ a love, a window that bound father and son, and a song that will live on forever in the heart of a daughter is story of indomitable love and the importance of family. I can’t imagine a life without my dad, and now Ronnie Miller doesn’t have a
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