Ronworking Company Case Study

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Mariz Dhempsy E. Bermudez BSCE
“Far too many companies fail to achieve their growth targets in revenue and profitability. However, the probability of achieving profitable growth is heightened whenever an organization has a clear growth strategy and strong execution infrastructure. One without the other impairs the probability of success.” Bill Liabotis quoted.
A business growth strategy starts with market insights. Though in research, it can bring the insights to bear on an ad-hoc basis. Companies that are into growth and at the same time in expansion can develop processes for a continuous flow of the business.
The aim of this case study was to have a good expansion of the small-to-medium sized company which focuses
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Same as “The Custom Ronworking Company,” they started from small-to-medium sized company which is the furniture and cabinet making. The company is established by Ron Carpenter known as “Rony” by many, together with his wife Mrs. Emelia Carpenter way back 1954. Over the years, their son, John Carpenter started to join. At John’s insistence, lured by longer production runs and higher and more consistent mark-ups, the company has moved into subcontract work supplying and installing counter-tops, cabinets and similar fixtures for new commercial construction. After all, Rony’s has established a well-founded…show more content…
It was included at the meeting about the estimated cost to be allotted in the said expansion. The estimated cost is 17 million where Rony agreed to it. During the planning process of their company expansion, Moneysworth invited the Expert Industrial Developers (EID) to be the signed contractors of the said project for it would result in a lower total project cost. On the other hand, Cashman developed a monthly cash flow chart for the allotment of project cost and be recorded as part of the company’s normal book-keeping. Upon Moneysworth’s insistence, EID submitted their fixed-price quotation and it made him shocked for it amounted 20 million and an eighteen month schedule. Along way on their project, designs are now tackled with the help of Schemers and Plotters (S&P) and John’s friend Ian Leadbetter who is a bright young mechanical engineer with specialization in programming semi-automatic manufacturing machinery. In addition of people, Miles Faster jumped to an opportunity to get involved and decided to change the production train specification to increase
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