Rooftop And In Memory Of Trayvon Martin

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In life people die. Usually at an old age after they have lived a long life. That's normal. But when people die at a young age, that's different. People who die early miss out on the rest of their lives and they didn't get to experience much of it. They could have changed lives or they could have made people happy. They could have been an important person to others. In the texts “Rooftop” by Paul Volponi and “In Memory of Trayvon Martin”, the author conveys the idea that much of the tragedy of death lies in life unlived. Both texts develop this theme in different ways. Paul Volponi conveys it through characterization, while “In Memory of Trayvon Martin delivers this theme through flashback, metaphor and repetition.

In Paul Volponi “Rooftop”, Clay, the main character, and his cousin Addison both went through drug problems and they were trying to recover in a center so they can get their lives back together. In a simple gambling game, Clorox did not owe Addison his money and they couldn't find him for
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Trayvon Martin was an African American teen who was shot to death by a white man who afraid of a boy with a hoodie. This connects to the theme that much of the tragedy of death lies in life unlived. My theme is conveyed through flashback, repetition and metaphor. Now that Trayvon is dead, his sister is trying to remember the memories they used to have with each other with flashbacks. The text states, “The days of our childhood together were steep steps into a collapsing mind.” In memory of Trayvon Martin represents the feeling people go through when people die and how that connects to society today.He uses repetition and metaphor to talk about society. The text states, “My brothers are notorious. They have not been to prison. They have been imprisoned. The prison is not a place you enter. It is no place. My brothers are
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