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Room 101 Creative writing

The thing that I sincerely believe should go into room 101 is plane flights. Plane flights vary in time from 47 seconds from two Orkney Islands just 1.7 miles apart to 22 hours and 50 minutes from London to Sydney (this is bad but it is worse if you sit next to my brother).

The first reason why I believe that plane journeys should be in room 101 is when you occasionally get that child that sits behind you and constantly fidgets and kicks your chair. This is aggravating because all you start to feel for hours on a plane journey is pressure going onto one specific point in your back ( sometimes it is like they have a target in one place and aimbot so they never miss). This becomes even worse when you tell their parents to stop but they just say “ No Brah, he 's just a kid.” But it is even worse when the parent asks their child to stop and the child says no and they don 't do anything about it. The most irritating
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This causes mum to panic and Dad to have an argument with the staff member which seems to go on forever. Then you feel so embarrassed you just decide to sit down in a corner and put your headphones on. Then the person behind the counter decides to say we can put on the next flight if you want. This is so aggravating because the next flight is in 12 hours and you don’t want to stay in the airport that long. In the end they just take you on the flight and make someone else swap seats with you. They could 've just told you this from the start.

To conclude, airplane flights should go into room 101 because silly little children kick your chair, you get seated next to obese sweaty men, you could get bladder problems (evil trolly people) and they decide it is a good idea to split up
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