Room 213: A Short Story

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Room 213 is where you’ll find Mr. Munson’s delicate English Classroom. Your eyes might dart to the beautiful posters filled with mind blowing quotes or maybe the front of the room where you’ll see a handful of things and a great view from the back with a four cornered window in the center of the creamy white walls. Word on the street is that teachers are in awe when walking into Mr. Munson’s English classroom at Centreville High School. The decor is beautiful, the teacher himself compliments the room as well as Ms. Dowdy and the various colors also. When you turn the grey metal door knob on the thick dark brown wooden door, you’re in for a mighty surprise.

Walking in, your nose is welcomed with a vanilla fragrance in the midst. At the right of the door is a small square shaped mirror that reflects an image of the classroom. The blinds are matte grey and halfway down, leaving space for a beautiful image of the first row of desks in the class and a slight view of the front of the class. Hidden behind the opened door is an earth greeen closet with grey metal handles. You might think that by the beauty of this closet it might lead to the fictional
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Written on it in pink at the right corner of the board is Mr. Munson’s essay grading scale. Your eyes might dart to the ceiling as you look at the grading scale and there you’ll find a what looks like a white stone ceiling with tiny decorative holes that may present themselves as black dots with a lining of four modern lights spaed out after three ceiling boards and more lights as you go down. Some wonder who the artichecture who created this room was because some are in denial of the beauty it presents. You’ll find a row of five chestnut desks in sets of four across the room. There thin in shape and behind them you might find either an orange comfortable chair or a blue one. The various colors add more beauty to the
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