Room For J By Daniel Hanson Chapter Summary

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The book Room for J: A Family Struggles with Schizophrenia, written by Daniel Hanson, depicts the difficulties of dealing with mental illness from the perspective of a father with a schizophrenic son. Daniel Hanson’s son, Joel Hanson, exhibits many of the debilitating symptoms associated with schizophrenia, such as grandiose beliefs, religious delusion, agitation, paranoia, and excitability. Joel, who is often referred to as J throughout the book, developed these severe symptoms as a young adult and although he did show signs of grandiosity and lack of emotional response during his childhood, J was not diagnosed until his early twenties. J’s parents first noticed abnormal behavior and thoughts when J became convinced that he was destined to be a professional basketball player and would not accept that his belief might not be possible. …show more content…

J would experience periods of intense mania where he would remain outside, sometimes in the cold and rain, for hours without eating, drinking, or sleeping. J had become convinced that aliens were coming to take him away and that he must await their arrival. Additionally, because J believed himself to be God, he would often deprive his body of sleep, food, and water in an attempt to show that he had no limitations. These manic episodes were so severe at times that J’s parents felt the need to call the police to have him restrained. J would become agitated that those around him did not believe his grandiose claims and did not accept his true identity, but he was never violent and did not attempt to harm his doctors or

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