Rooms Division Case Study

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The Rooms division department is the “heart” of the hotel; it plays a vital role in the operational process of a hotel and is the main source of 70% or more to overall revenue and profit Jones, P. (2005). This essay will focus on the importance of the Rooms Division Department, duties and relationship with other departments in a Luxury Hotel. Importance of Teamwork and the recent Trends in Rooms Division will also be discussed and mentioned.
Luxury properties are descendants of grand hotels, featuring exclusive decorated public areas, full range facilities and amenities and the highest level of customer service Jones, P. (2005). A luxury hotel involves different departments that manage the daily operations of the hotel.
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Responsible for registering, checking-in and out the guest, securing payment, assisting guest with their needs and complains, determining room availability and selling additional rooms.
Housekeeping: largest department in terms of employees, responsible for maintaining cleanliness and appearance of not only the guestrooms but also all the public areas in the hotel. If housekeepers weren’t able to finish a certain number of rooms within the given timeframe, the front desk agent wouldn’t be able to update the room status and sell the rooms for occupancy.
Uniformed Services: consists of the valet, concierge, security and bell staff, Responsible for ensuring the safety of guest, employees, hotel assets and property. Greeting, assisting guests with their needs e.g. luggage, directions and parking.
Reservations: Attempts to maximize room and occupancy rate, Responsible forecasting available rooms to be sold and for taking reservation made by the guest or other methods via Internet, telephone and fax. If the reservations agent forecast the occupancy and available rooms to be sold they will be able to maximize all the rooms they
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Manages the changes of income and expenses of cost to maintain the hotel, revenue and profit. If management weren’t able to budget their profit accurately, they would not be able to maximize all their resources and pay for their expenses e.g. wages, taxes, rent etc. and purchase all the materials and equipment needed to run the hotel.
Relationship between Rooms Division and Sales and Marketing
Sales and marketing: responsible for public relations, promoting, advertising, marketing and selling rooms and other facilities and amenities in the hotel e.g. function rooms, restaurants. If marketing department wasn’t able to conduct their feasibility study correctly and their targeting the wrong customers, they didn’t just waste their time and effort in conducting the study but, as well as the financial resources they use for advertising and promotion. Or if they were able to conduct successful study the hotel will benefit from it by having high sales and occupancy rate.
Teamwork in Rooms

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