Roosevelt's Arguments Against The New Deal

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The Republican Party opposed the New Deal because they felt like the government was getting too involved in the state with the New Deal plans. They believed in policies such as Laissez-Faire which meant the government should interfere as little as possible in the lives of the American public. When the Republicans were in power before Roosevelt, they believed that to succeed you should work for it yourself; they strongly believed in the ideas of the ‘American Dream’. The New Deal went against this since Roosevelt’s policies were overly interventional and many thought this was making people too reliant on the state. Not only did it encourage lethargy, it undermined the people who worked hard for their money. The party particularly opposed the…show more content…
Roosevelt faced many opponents in his rule for not doing enough or doing too much to help. He said “I am waging a war against Destruction, Delay, Deceit and Despair”. Roosevelt in the extremity of sorting out “destruction” and “despair” had to take drastic measures. As a result, the New Deal did not benefit everyone causing a great deal of controversy. Some of his policies were seen as an attack on individual freedom and the aging American constitution. In particular, the Supreme Court disliked the intruding government control. Many of Roosevelt’s ‘Alphabet Agencies’, such as the NIRA, were abolished because they were considered…show more content…
The New Deal was building a stronger economy and better welfare for the citizens of America. The ‘Alphabet Agencies’, such as the FERA, sole purpose was to improve the conditions of the poor and unemployed. Because of this Roosevelt did extremely well in the 1936 Presidential elections, winning 27 million votes – a landslide victory. This clearly shows the people who supported him outnumbered the people who opposed. After winning Roosevelt mockingly said, “Everyone was against the New Deal except the
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