Roosevelt's Response To The New Deal

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In 1933 after President Roosevelt took office he quickly addressed the severity of the issues American people were faced with. Roosevelt new drastic changes was a necessity to be made so the lives of the Americans could improve instead of worsening. People needed relief and help from the government. With that in mind, Roosevelt came up with the new deal in which he hoped it would stabilize the economy and provide the unemployed with jobs. The new deal was the answer everyone was hoping for. The new deal consisted of experimental projects and programs to do just what the American people needed at this difficult time. "The new deal was aim to restore some measure of dignity and prosperity to many Americans"(). The new deal included many programs to provide help to all Americans and it was a successful answer to American problems that they 've been struggling with since the crash of the stock market of October 9, 1929. Roosevelt promises to provide a solution for American people and he came through for them, just how a leader of the nation should. "By implementing a…show more content…
The economic situation was repaired but still many Americans were still struggling due to poverty. It 's sad for anyone to struggle with poverty in such a great Country that has so much opportunity. In 1964 when civil rights act was passed, it prohibits racial, sexual, or ethnic discrimination of people for employment. With LBJ as our president, he believed big changes could be made for Americans still struggling with poverty. "LBJ believed that poverty could be eradicated not just reduced"(50years). The war on poverty was first conceived by Kennedy before his death, Johnson continued with fighting the war on poverty and designed a policy called the equal employment opportunities commission(OEO) which was an enforcement used after civil rights act was passed, opening more doors for colored citizens and they ever had
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