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INTRODUCTION Success of root canal depends mainly on the elimination of bacteria from root canals. The microorganisms present in root canal plays important role in pathogenesis of apical periodontitis. The bacterial elimination from root canals is obtained by mechanical instrumentation using various irrigating solutions and intracanal medicaments. Hermann introduced Ca(OH)2 in 1920 which was used as a pulp capping agent. Because of it’s excellent results it is used widely for various endodontic therapy as intra-canal medicaments, sealers, pulp capping agents, apexification procedures, pulpotomy and weeping canals. Ca(OH)2 is most commonly used as it aids in formation of hard tissue and have antibacterial and tissue healing capacity. It is…show more content…
Most important is the activation of fluids in properly shaped canals for complete debridement & disinfection. In this system intracanal irrigants are energized during endodontic treatment. EndoActivator system comprises of cordless, contra-angled, three-speed, battery-operated handpiece & uncoated & non cutting tips which are strong, flexible which are made up from medical grade polymer. This system works on principle of sonic vibration (up to 10,000 cpm) of a plastic tip in the root canal. Three different sizes of tips are available size 15/02, 25/04, and 35/04 which are color coded (yellow, red & blue) & easily attached to handpiece which will create sonic vibrations. It has no role in delivering the irrigants into the canal system but it enhances penetration and renewal of the irrigating solution by creating fluid hydrodynamics & helps in the improvement of smear layer and biofilm disruption. The EndoVac is an irrigation system which is based on apical negative pressure. “Negative apical pressure” term is used because EndoVac pulls the irrigants by using suction down the canal into the Hi-Vac suction unit by moving irrigant away from the root

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