Root Canal Procedure Essay

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A root canal is a procedure that is performed when you have a pulp-filled cavity that is located in the root of a specific tooth in your mouth. Here are three things you need to know about getting a root canal that your dentist may not tell you. #1 Lessen Pain By Getting Treated Right Away If you want to reduce the pain of going through a root canal procedure, it helps to get treated right away. As soon as you notice that a tooth is aching, you should go in and have it looked at by your dentist. If you wait until your tooth is swollen, it is going to be more painful to go through the root canal procedure. The longer you wait, the more your dental health deteriorates along the way. If you want to just down on the pain you experience during and after…show more content…
Ideally, you want to go to an endodontist who uses a microscope for 100% of the procedure. Using a microscope helps to ensure that you get the best results and that the endodontist does not miss any anatomy while treating your tooth. #3 Schedule A Follow-Up With Your Dentist You will need to go and see your dentist a couple of days after you go to your endodontist. You want to go to your dentist for a follow-up to ensure that everything is healing correctly. You also need to schedule an appointment with your dentist because the root canal procedure is not the final step in the process. Next, you will need to have either a filling or a crown put on the tooth that the root canal was performed on. This will seal off the top of your tooth and prevent food and bacteria from getting into your tooth where the procedure was performed. If you get a crown, you may end up needing to make multiple appointments with your dentist. You will first be equipped with a temporary crown while your permanent crown is made. Once your permanent crown is made, you will need to have it installed in your

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