Change Management In Nursing

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Change Management in recruiting trained dialysis staff nurse rather than dialysis technician to Deliver Quality Nursing Care The term-change agent is one of the major roles of the nurse in the health care system. The nurse takes effect on the transformations of different lives, for both ill and well, through the various functions they perform. Chin and Benne in 1985 formulated a theory on the strategies in effecting changes to other people and to one’s self. The general strategies for effecting changes in human systems-namely, the Empirical-Rational Strategies, Normative-Re-educative Strategies and Power-Coercive Strategies-which are approaches to realize planned social and organizational change (Anonuevo et al., 2000; Walls, 1976). Quality…show more content…
Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is used to facilitate the team analysed to identify the root cause of the above event that resulted in undesired outcome and develop corrective action (Sondalini, 2011). After three months of observation, staff nurse in hemodialysis is too engrossed in writing the nursing report and desolate the bedside patient care. This includes knowledge of the dialysis technician to overcome trouble shooting such as hypotension and cramp which need to be done as soon as possible during dialysis treatment. Other factors have been identified, such as lack of staffing for training staff nurse and newbies dialysis technician. Those factors will not be discussed in this essay. Nurses use their clinical expertise, prior knowledge and critical thinking to assess, plan, intervene and evaluate their patients. At the same time, there has been ongoing concern about controlling dialysis costs. The hospital is controlling labour costs had a major effect on nurses where nurses is the largest component unit of a hospital labour. Lower rates of entry into the nurses workforce and impact on long-term shortage of nurses, have been attributed in part to the perceptions of potential nurses that the quality of work life as a nurse was…show more content…
The management actively involves in employing the trained dialysis staff nurse than dialysis technician in order to increase the quality of care. Lewis Force Field Analysis model demonstrated how it could be used to plan, implement, and evaluate the transition from employing a dialysis technician to train dialysis staff nurse. The continued maintenance and evaluation of the change management system is important to nurture the successfully implementing of employing more trained dialysis staff nurse in the unit. In conclusion, the successful implementation of this change management show on the patient satisfaction survey, where 2 years after the changes, survey shows 99% of the patient was satisfied with the nursing care given to them during dialysis
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