Causes Of Refugees

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Wars, struggle and oppression have constrained more refugees than at any other time since records began to escape their country to seek refuge and safety , according to a new report from the UN refugee agency (News Stories, 18 June 2015).Refugees are people who are outside of their country of citizenship. These people were affected by so much tragedy, they cannot depend on their country for aid or assurance. They are simply being pushed around by militants and war fighters who force them to move from place to place. What is worst, it is that these people are not responsible for all that is happening. Refugees’ lives are at stake and they are simply forced to leave their homes just to survive as long as they can. 90% of the refugees aren’t…show more content…
One reason that is true is that people would have fled their country if the war violence in their country intensifies too much that it has become a mass killing inside the country. A country having a lust for blood would not be a country where the persecuted would want to stay in. So, many would have fled to asylums or refugee camps for safety and to keep away from such genocide. There are evidences as to why war violence would be one of the root causes. Examples would be from the civil uprising of the Syrian war. The reason why the war began is because of political disagreements by the citizens of the Syrian state. The citizens rebelled at the Capital that unfortunately they were being fired at by the security and killed from the firing. The violence in Syria has caused millions to flee their homes. The ultimate reason that was stated was violence, 320,000 people were killed which frightened the refugees. The mass flight of refugees will keeping growing when the war in Syria and Iraq keeps happening. In statistics, 4.6 million Syrians are refugees of which 6.6 million are moving out of Syria and half of them are children.”(World Vision Staff, April…show more content…
This is because there are many differences in religious beliefs and practises that has created tension among people. It leads to hatred and fear as many would argue about their beliefs. Arguments arise, which leads these extremists to do whatever it takes to convince people to follow their religion. Even if it means bloodshed of millions of people. And when it goes to the hands of the wrong people who believes that violence is the divine direction to attract many followers, then religion can lead to extreme immortality. Religious extremists’ doings generates fear and hostility among refugees which caused them to leave their homes. An example would be from the Christian-Muslim conflict in Central African Republic that occurred in last year. “Almost 5 million people were affected by the conflict that thousands have died from the merciless massacre between the Christian and Muslim war fighters. There were 440,000 refugees that fled their country and 190,000 have escaped to neighbouring countries such as Cameroon, Chad, the Democratic ,the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Congo in order to not be harmed by the armed conflict.” (Onyulo T., April 2012). Religious conflict even involves personally, that the religious faith of every refugee to be affected which caused them to leave their homes to be spared from the
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