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The moment in Rooted performed by Tim Miller that really stood out to me was the part in the story where he talked about being a little boy of nine years old and having a fight with his best friend slash first crush who is a boy. Little Tim expresses his desire to want to marry his friend and live in the house with the gnomes but soon realizes that his friend does not want that because he wants to marry a girl and live in the house with the gnomes. Tim is pushed around by his friend and forced to take back his statement which he does with his fingers crossed behind his back. At this moment Miller realizes that he has a fight on his hands and after his friend leaves, he declares, “I will not take it back, I will never take it back.”

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His made references to the Angels throughout his performance as if promoting the idea of pre-destination. His grandfather’s name was Angel and the marriage clerk’s name was Angel Lopez which I thought he was kind of implying a divine destiny.

Miller’s choice to tell his story and to keep his story simple really made it effective for me, and examples of this is in the way he dresses and his speech and tempo, which I discussed earlier. His story was very entertaining but also gave me a moment to reflect on the serious nature of the issue. I think the fact that it was funny allowed the story to have sort of a natural flow which helped the story come alive.

Miller describe an incident where someone who was being persecuted turned up his behind and cursed out saying, “kiss my gay pussy” and my wife who had attended the play with me choked out a laugh and we looked at each other and burst out laughing. To say we were shocked was an understatement. Not shocked because of the profanity but more so because of the truth of the wordings. We have never heard it put quite like that before. Others around us laughed and a couple of them had their mouths hanging open. I think that the line was perfectly
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