Roots And Habits Of English

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THE ROOTS AND SPREADS OF ENGLISH English is a language spread across the world today. It was not meant to be means of communication for the whole world initially, but incidently when the Britishers started colonialising almost every part of the world,it spread automatically and unintentionally. The English Rulers never wanted English as a common language for communication but it became a necessity so it came into wider use. It has always been a friendly language as it adopts the words of foreign languages in its contact. The Roots of English are prominently to be found in the colonial aspect of British Empire. English is a language which is highly receptible and heterogeneous in nature. It has accepted and adapted many of the words of world languages. And that is the reason why there are a variety of Englishes. We find British English, American English, and Indian English etc. which have been popular throughout the world. English is so friendly in nature that the original and pure form of It is lost permanently. When the Anglo-Saxons invaded England in 5th and 6th centuries, English was in its pure form but soon after 9th century passed, it lost its pure form and it started looking towards becoming a world language. It has been aptly called, in the world of today, the Lingua Franca and the Window to the world. The roots of this language are so deep that they have been overshadowed by the widespread of it.
English language has been considered the lingua franca to the world.

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