Roots Of Evil In Frankenstein

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Roots of Evil
People are not born evil, they are influenced by others and taught to hate. Through the experiences of their lives, people gain different outlooks and develop their own beliefs about the world. In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, people view the creature as a monster because of his brutal nature towards Frankenstein’s family, but his original intentions are to help and care for others. Frankenstein’s creation is not as evil as Frankenstein is for abandoning his creation and allowing it to develop its evil mentality. Frankenstein’s failure to watch over his creation, the creature’s interactions with other people, the altercations between Frankenstein and his being, and the forgiving nature of the creature display how Victor Frankenstein is more of a monster than his creation.
Victor Frankenstein’s neglect of his creature from the first time he sees it displays how he influences the creature 's cynical outlook on humanity. When Frankenstein views his creation for the first time, he shows disgust and horror. Rather than aiding and nurturing his creature that knows nothing about the world, Frankenstein deserts and abandons his creation, leaving it to learn about the world on its own. Out of fear of his creation, Victor “escaped and rushed downstairs” at the sight of his curious creature attempting to learn from his creator (59). Victor’s inability to teach his being how to live and act towards other humans allow it to gain its hatred of humanity. Frankenstein 's
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