Rorschach Test Pros And Cons

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Controversy on the Inkblot Test There is great disagreement on the Rorschach Test. Some believe it to be helpful in entering the minds of others’ while some think it is “scientifically useless”. In What is in an Inkblot? Some Say, Not Much by Erica Goode, information is provided to the reader about the Rorschach Test and what some people’s opinion on it. Being for and against the Rorschach Test are similar in that they both agree on some points, but supporters of the test think it is useful while those against it find it to be ultimately useless. People are debating the fact of rather or not the Rorschach Test is profitable. For example, in an earlier era people cite the Rorschach Test as “an X- ray of the mind (Goode, page 3)” whereas others
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