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Rosa Karina Senra Leroux daughter of Rosa Altagracia Leroux Moya and Cesar Augusto Senra was born July 16, 1976 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Biologically she has an older brother named Mario Senra. She also has 3 step younger brothers: Cesar Augusto Senra, Carlos Senra and, Cristian Senra. She started going to school when she was 6 years old in “Colegio Carmen Natalia”, where she played volleyball and danced ballet. She graduated High school at “Santa Teresita”. Later on, she attended to "Unphu University" in Santo Domingo where she studied Physiology. According to her, the highlight of her life was when she gave birth to Naiara Michelle Senra in January 25th, 2000. They lived together in Santo Domingo until 2005, when Karina had to move to Chicago to work and eventually get married to David Martinez. Every time Karina had the chance she came to visit Naiara, mostly for Christmas. In 2007, when Naiara turned 7 she took her to live to Chicago. Karina and Naiara lived together since then until 2012, when Karina’s dad got sick and she had to come back to Santo Domingo to take care of him. After they ran some tests on him, they found out that he had cancer which broke Karina 's heart. She spent months taking him to therapy and giving him medicine. Thankfully, with time he…show more content…
But her life has not been easy, she’s barely been able to live with her daughter, she was there when her Dad and Aunt died. Not having her own place to stay in New York has been though, but thankfully she has such amazing loving friends and family who have always been there for her. Through the worst times she stayed strong and like she says "The situation your in does not define you, but instead how you react to the situation". As she has had the worst experiences, she has also had the best. She claims the 2 best moments of her life where when she got pregnant with her first child, and then her second

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