Rosa Louise Mccauley Parks

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Creating A Life Time Of History With a simple NO

The Movement
Have you ever taken a public city bus and been told to move your seat because of you skin color? Have you ever not followed a direction from higher authority? Rosa Parks did not December 1 1955 to stand hp for her civil rights.

Starting Out A Young life And Growing Up
Rosa Louise McCauley Parks was born on February 4th 1913 to James Mcauley (Father) and Leona Mccauley (Mother) Rosa had one brother younger brother Sylvester. Rosa parents separated while rosa was still little so rosa, her mom Leona and sylvest went to go live with Rosa and Silvester grandparents. They lived on a small farm in the town of Pineville Alabama. Rosa was now old enough to go to school Rosa attended
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The people of montgomery were under segregation. Colored people had to use signs that said for colored like bathrooms, water fountains, restaurants, schools,car dealerships and places like that. The Same applied to the white folks except they like that law because they did not want to be near the colored folks. The KKK & The NAACP
The Ku Klux Klan is a terrorist group that burned down black people 's homes and churches even schools the people were afraid of the members of the KKK the people would put sheets with holes over there eyes to nobody would see their faces and they would walk around with torches and set things on fire. The NAACP stood for National association for the advancement of colored people
Rosa also thought it was unfair that if a white man beat a black man he only needed to pay a fine of 24 dollars. But if a black man beat a white man you would be shot dead or put in jail.
Making A
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African American leaders got together and they all decide that until something was done about the laws of segregation all of the african americans would be starting a boycott in the montgomery bus system. The African Americans did not ride the buses for 381 day the people walked everywhere they need to go. As hard as it was for the people they kept going to continue the movement for their rights. The people finally got what they deserved equal rights the United States Supreme Court Ruled that that the Jim Crow Laws were unconstitutional. Rosa boycott was able to bring freedom to the people of the
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