Rosa Naremore Case Study

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On 12/3, APS SW Jamie Gaines spoke with Rosa Naremore about the possibility of Ms. Mullins receiving home dialysis. According to Ms. Naremore, Ms. Mullins would not have the mental capacity of what needed to be done with home dialysis. Worker explained to Ms. Naremore that Ms. Mullins had recently moved into Eagle Rest and the owner could help Ms. Mullins with the process. Ms. Naremore stated the person willing at assist would be required to attend training at Princeton from 8-12 for a month. In the training, she would learn all the requirements. Some of the requirements include Ms. Mullins would only be allowed to drink a certain water and a tube placed in Ms. Mullins stomach would require draining 5-6 times a day. Also home dialysis is usually
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