Rosa Park: The Challenges Of Rosa Parks

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Rosa Parks faced a lot of hard challenges in the time of 1931. She was a great reenactor and leader. She made a huge impact on human race. She wasn’t like all people now days. Rosa was once the girl who had to walk to school, while other white kids rode a bus to school. Rosa was getting sick and tired of the way people were treating her and her kind, so she made a movement that affected everyone. There was a group of them that were done with getting mistreated, and the practiced what would happen o the bus, work, and practically everywhere else. This amazing group was called the NAACP. NAACP means National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. This was a group that proved that actions speak louder than words, and they weren’t just rich, billionaires, they were ordinary people getting mistreated, and finally getting fed up with other people 's behaviors. One of the hardest challenges that Rosa faced was getting pushed around. Rosa was sitting on a bus bench in Alabama, she was supposed to get up and move to the back, and Rosa decided to stay seated and sit where white people were supposed to sit. Rosa had a few officers come back there and they asked her to stand up and put her hands behind her back, and out of courtesy Rosa did as asked, and they took her down the the police station, and when they took her mug shot, she looked just as innocent as can be. Rosa had practiced being a public speaker and she soon spole to the future and began a protest, eventually
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