Rosa Parks And Martin Luther King Jr.

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Following years of economic depression and war, America was primed for social change and the expansion of civil rights. Many of the changes initially put into law during the Reconstruction Era had been revised or completely rolled back, especially in the South. Black voting was extremely rare due to a racial South and local governments refusing to enforce laws. Many people were disgusted by such regression, after black and racially tolerant whites had worked for so long they seemingly had gotten nowhere. Many looked to violence and fleeing, which solved nothing and lead to even more prejudice. Others looked towards their emerging leader and philosophies such as nonviolence in order to achieve their goals. Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. were both fantastic leaders who got the most out of their peers in order to gain their equality. While some people may believe things like…show more content…
coupled with philosophies such as civil disobedience, were the three most instrumental aspects to gaining equality. Rosa Parks has been dubbed the spark that ignited the flame of the civil rights movement. Rosa Parks was born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama and spent the majority of her life there until she was forced to move because she lost her job, her husband lost his job, and numerous amounts of death threats from local people. Rosa Parks was the flame that lit a revolution that had been dark for so long. Many people had
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