Rosa Parks And Rosa Parks Similarities

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Rosa Parks and Ruby Bridges Compared “They didn’t see a child they saw change,” is something Ruby Bridges said (“Civil rights pioneer: ‘You almost feel like you’re back in the ‘60s.,’” 2014). Rosa Parks, despite what you may think was actually sitting in the area for black people. Ruby Bridges and Rosa Parks were both strong fighters in the civil rights act. Rosa Parks was an amazing help in the civil rights act. Rosa parks was born on February 4, 1913 (“Rosa Parks,” 2017). As she grew older Mrs. Parks got a job as a seamstress in a supermarket (“Rosa Parks,” 2011). After that Rosa Parks married Raymond parks (“Rosa Parks,” 2017). In 1955 Rosa Parks did the Montgomery Bus Boycott(“Rosa Parks,” 2011). Rosa Parks stayed in her seat after a white man told her to get out of the seat. Them because it was against the law back them Rosa Parks got arrested. With her one phone call, Mrs. Parks called a NAACP lawyer and got released on bail. In 1994, somebody broke into Mrs. Parks home and attacked Rosa Parks and stole $54 form Rosa Parks (“Rosa Parks,” 2011). On october 24, Rosa Parks died in Detroit (“Rosa Parks,” 2017). All her life Rosa Parks fought for black rights and she won. Ruby Bridges was a very brave girl who fought against all of the segregation. Ruby Bridges was born on September 8, 1958 in Tylertown, Mississippi(“Civil rights pioneer: ‘You almost feel like you’re back in the ‘60s.,’” 2014). When it was time for her to school Ruby Bridges did one of the biggest
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