Rosa Parks Compare And Contrast Essay

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Heroism stems from courage. The ability for someone to stay strong and stand up for what they believe in. When looking at American history one very courageous women was Rosa Parks. She took a stand an inspired many other people to do the same. If we look at fictional characters Winston, from George Orwell 1984, they have major similarities. Their intentions were clear and the way the rebelled against the system are similar, but their outcomes are different. Winston faded away and government covered up his rebellious acts where as Rosa Parks became a true leader. Both of these people had similar intention, to rebel against society. Rosa Parks was fed up with the way her people were being treated and the segregation policies on the buses.…show more content…
Rosa Parks actions started a boycott which changed the regulations for transportation, Winston's didn't do anything. “The MIA believed that Rosa Parks's case provided an excellent opportunity to take further action to create real change.”( This association decided to make people aware of what happened and put together the Montgomery Bus Boycott. They asked African Americans to stay off of city buses on the day of Parks trial to protest her arrest. “The Montgomery Bus Boycott…was a huge success. The city's buses were, by and large, empty. Some people carpooled and others rode in African-American-operated cabs, but most of the estimated 40,000 African-American commuters living in the city at the time had opted to walk to work that day—some as far as 20 miles.”( The boycott started because of Parks rebellion lasted for a year. When the city and buses were loosing money the city of Montgomery removed the regulations of bus segregation. Rosa Parks changed the future by fighting for what she believed was right and rebelling against this segregated society. Winston got caught silently rebelling and was tortured in an underground prison. “Do it to Julia! Do it to Julia! Not me! Julia! I don't care what you do to her”(Orwell 286). He forgot what he was fighting for and gave in. He was then removed from history and didn't change a
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