Rosa Parks Considered A Hero Essay

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“Each person must live there life as a model for others,” a great quote that said by the amazing Rosa Parks who stood up for what she believed in so she too could be a great model for others in the years to come. When most people think of Rosa Parks most everybody thinks of the person who did not move when she was asked to at the back of the bus because she did not thinks that segregation was fair and knew things had to change. There are also a few other reasons why Rosa is such an amazing person and why she should be considered a hero. How a little act like standing up for yourself and all your people can make a big difference on the world for years to come.
One of the big reasons of why Rosa was a great hero was that she stood up for what she believed in and didn’t let other people tell her what she could and couldn’t do. She wasn’t scared of the consequences of what would happen if she did do something that was wrong. When they told her to move to the back of the bus that night she was tired of being told to do something that wasn’t fair and she knew something had to be done. When people thought that she was crazy for not doing …show more content…

Even from doing the smallest task that might not have seemed like that big of a thing at first turned out to be remembered for years to come after it was done. Rosa Parks is someone that everybody should care about because she was a huge contributor to the civil rights group and helped change America to where it is today where there is not segregation. So why care about her, because without her and the help of other civil rights groups segregation could quite possibly still be in sort of segregation she also was a big inspiration all sorts of people all around the world. Rosa will forever be remembered for what she did on that day of the bus because she stood up for what she did and she wasn’t scared of what she

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