Rosa Parks Controversy

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In the United States, there has been a long standing controversy between racial and ethnic discrimination. The 13th amendment and the Civil War may have ended slavery, but that did not end racial discrimination. Segregation was common all over, this included schools, public accommodations, and even transportation. Majority of the controversy began with blacks versus whites, (or “the Oriental and the Negro”) but throughout time, discrimination developed in more alien groups such as the Chinese, Japanese, Jews, and other groups. The Civil War was fought for equality in races. Among this time, there were many historical figures that stood out to fight for the equal rights of everyone. Such people are, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcom X, Rosa Parks,…show more content…
She was a part of the Montgomery boycott and had other efforts to end segregation. As I learned more about her in this class, the real story was that she was actually planted on that bus. Whereas the story I hear back in my elementary school days, was that she was an innocent soul who was ordered to give her seat up and did not surrender. Boycotts started to break out in the city after Parks was arrested. Irene Morgan is another name that not many people know of, but she did the same thing Rosa Parks did, just eleven years…show more content…
These laws were enforced in public schools, public places and transportation, down to the very specifics of bathrooms, restaurants, and even water fountains! The “One Drop Rule” is known as this principle of racial filing that declared that any person with any ancestor of “one drop” of black blood is considered to be black. There was also the “Separate but Equal” legislation which was a doctrine in the U.S that justified and allowed racial segregation as not being breach of the 14th amendment. With this doctrine, the government was able to require services, public places and accommodations, housing, schooling and jobs to be separated along the lines of races but in equal
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