Rosa Parks: The True Definition Of Courage

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We all have heard of the word courage before maybe it being from the television when watching our favorite super hero zoom through the sky saving innocent people’s lives or maybe from our parents when talking about firefighters or policemen, but what exactly does courage mean? Do you have to save someone’s life to have courage? Or can ordinary people like you and me do something like just standing up for something that we don’t believe is right or fair and get the title of showing courage? Well, many ordinary people just like you and me have done outstanding things that show the real definition of courage, like Rosa Parks did because of unfair segregation, or how the Monument Men showed a great appreciation for art when others didn’t or were…show more content…
“How is this an example of courage?” you might ask. Well, back in 1955 segregation was a big problem especially in the south, like Montgomery, Alabama where Rosa lived. According to Source 1 Rosa had already made a stand against segregation and was part of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and had already showed an immense amount of bravery, kindness, and yes courage. But never as much courage and bravery as she showed on the day in 1955 when she would not give up her seat on the bus. As stated in Source 1 this was a big deal because if a white person needed some place to sit on the bus because it was crowded and asked an African American if they could have their spot the African American was expected to move and let the white person sit in their seat and stand for the rest of the bus ride. But as stated earlier Rosa did not let the white person sit down even though she knew that the world was harsh at the time and would probably get arrested, she didn’t care she knew what was right and fair and stayed where she was. So, she got arrested for violating the city’s laws but at the same time she stood up for her whole entire race and also stood up for what she believed in which is a great example of
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