Rosa Parks Thesis

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Rosa Parks Rosa Parks, also known as Rosa Louise McCauley, was born in 1913, on February, in Tuskegee, Alabama. Throughout Rosa Parks’ childhood, she had early learning with racial discrimination, as well as activism for racial equality. Her parents’ name was Sylvester and Rosa Edwards and her family lived on the Edward’s farm, where Rosa would live youth life. Rosa’s grandfather stood in the front yard of their house with his shotgun, when the Ku Klux Klan members marched down the street. Rosa Park’s mother taught her how to read at a young age. Because both of her parents were former slaves, they were strongly for racial equality. Beginning at the age of eleven, Rosa attended school in Montgomery, Alabama, which was segregated.…show more content…
Rosa Parks was one who inspired the Civil Rights movement. At that time, lunch counters were only open to white customers. Although it was separate, there was nothing equal about it. 100 years ago Rosa Parks was born, Rosa parks had refused to be moved from a seat on the segregated bus in Montgomery. The tipping point from Alabama was for nation’s conscience. Even though in such recent memory it was hard to fully understand the nature and effects of enforced segregation, except for them to say that was the way they were going to until it was not anymore. The lies and secrets were parallel lives, enforcing and arbitrary racial lines of the entered culture. After violence, they became national and then an international embarrassment. Historical stories have constantly presented Rosa Parks as an accidental participant in the Civil Rights, This is simply not…show more content…
People must realize that when there is no action, things do not change. Rosa Parks was an example of this, her inspiration as to how to change unfairness in our world today. ( 1). Rosa parks are well known for her refusal to give up her seat. However, she was a contributor to the Civil Rights movement long before December 1, 1955 when she would not move from her seat. Her involvement in standing up for equal rights to begin in 1934. One of her first acts in acquiring equality for all is when she helped nine African American teenage boys who were accused pf raping two white women. She helped by raising money for their defense. Another event that caused Rosa Parks to become involved in the Civil Rights occurred when her brother was drafted into the army, yet he was not allowed to motivator in her joining the NAACP in December of 1943. She worked as the secretary to the President, E.D. Nixon and city buses and voting
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