Rosalie Hale And Hamlet Comparison Essay

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Rosalie and Hamlet as Byronic Heroes Hamlet is a well known character from a Shakespeare play. Rosalie Hale is a smaller character from the infamous book series; Twilight. One would think that there are very little in the way of similarities between the two characters, but there are many. The first major similarity between Hamlet and Rosalie Hale is a horrendous background. Hamlet’s bad background is more recent than Rosalie’s, however. Hamlet’s father dies. Then, very shortly after, Hamlet’s mother, Gertrude marries his uncle, Claudius, who also killed Hamlet’s father. Pretty bad. On his mother’s marriage, Hamlet says, “But two months dead! Nay, not so much, not two,” Rosalie’s takes a more physically horrible outlook. She is engaged to her father’s…show more content…
Both took their revenge on the men that caused their problems. Hamlet killing Laertes could easily be compared to Rosalie’s murder of Royce’s friends and accomplices. In both cases, the victim of the violent outbursts were distraught and impressionable people. Rosalie's murder of Royce's unnamed guards can easily be compared to Hamlet and Polonius. None of them were innocent, but none were involved in the original acts. After finding out that the man behind the curtain he stabbed was Polonius, and not Claudius, he said, “A bloody deed? Almost as bad, good mother, As kill a king and marry with his brother.” Which is both admitting his horrible misdeed and calling out his mother for her deeds. This double meaning draws parallels with the entirety of Rosalie’s existence; always two sides and two meanings. She never does anything without careful consideration, much like Hamlet says nothing without careful consideration. For example, he pretends to be insane in order to convince Claudius that he doesn’t know what Claudius did, saying “How strange or odd soe'er I bear myself”, which warns Horatio that he would act as though he were
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