Rosalind Franklin Research Paper

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Rosalind Elise Franklin
Rosalind Franklin was born on July 25, 1920 in Notting Hill, London, England. Franklin earned her PhD from Cambridge University. She studied a course in crystallography and X-Ray diffraction. These aspects will play a big role in the discovery of the DNA structure. Franklin was very good at taking pictures of things that were hard to see for a normal human being. She took a picture of the DNA structure and this is how the DNA structure came to be. All the other scientists that were working with her took the credit for the finding of “their” DNA structure, when in reality Rosalind Franklin was the one that actually found it.

Rosalind was born into a Jewish family. When she was a young girl her parents noticed that she was a very intelligent girl, and it wasn’t until she was 15 years of age when she figured out she wanted to live her life as a scientist. She studied at many schools including: St Paul’s Girls School, Newnham College in Cambridge, and all of her studies lead her to the University of Cambridge. In all these schools Rosalind excelled in all of her science classes and not only in science in some other materials also. In 1941 she was given the Second Class Honors on her Finals.
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She worked with Jacques Mering, he was a crystallographer. She learned X-Ray diffraction and crystallography all from him. Later on Rosalind began studying or researching at Kings College in London. Her and her felloew classmate of partner Raymond Gosling both realized that they have founded something astonishing, they found out that DNA has two componets to it and they also took photos of it. The most famous one being the Photograph
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