Rosalind Franklin's Blueprint Of Life

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Many people know the term DNA. What people don’t know is what the abbreviation actually stands for; it stands for deoxyribonucleic acid. DNA is the basic ‘Blueprint of Life’ without it nothing could live. DNA is the building blocks for creating proteins in the body which controls all of the chemical processes in the cell.
While little was known back in the late 1860’s an important scientist discovered nucleic acid. This scientist went by the name of Fredrich Miescher. He tried to extract, white blood cells from lymph glands, but found that was too difficult. Fredrich Miescher also found that pus, from blisters and infections, had white blood cells. So, he would take the old bandages from a nearby clinic and wash them to isolate the white blood
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He also wrote a third rule that stated the amount of Purines is equal to the amount of Pyrimidines Later in the 1950’s x-ray diffraction was being used try to find the shape of the DNA. X-ray diffraction is where the real x-ray goes through the DNA and crystalizes the DNA in whatever form that was there. A female scientist by the name of Rosalind Franklin discovered the shape of a double helix. While Rosalind Franklin was the first person to ever discover the shape of DNA she wouldn’t get the credit. After Rosalind Franklin lost her battle to ovarian cancer James Watson and Francis Crick waited a few years and used the information claiming it as their own discovery. They claimed that they discovered the shape of the double helix. While no one looked into it to see if they actually discovered it. They ended up winning the Nobel peace prize in 1962. When they found the double helix Watson and Crick also found that the double helix is made up of sugar and phosphate. With all of this knowledge in hand they were able to come up with the exact picture of what DNA looked like. DNA is like a ladder that is twisted. Now, after this was figured out scientists found a complementary strand that goes with the original
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