Rosalind Rainwater: A Strong Black Woman

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I Cha Riza Horton, select My mother, Rosalind Rainwater, to carry the title of a strong black woman. Her parents were both murder during the time she attended high school. She returned home from school one day to find her mother lying dead on the floor in a pool of blood. Leaving her to care for herself and her younger brother, after graduating high school and earning her college degree, she married and had three children with her first husband. in 1985 upon being diagnosed with a chronic illness, she also learned she’s pregnant as well with the child of her second husband. Bringing a child in the world and coping with kidney disease and its treatments, medications and three school-aged girls still to raise, held dangers upon the life of this child as well as her own life, we call her our miracle baby, the fact that we…show more content…
MS Rainwater was a woman who raised her girls to be independent ,look to higher dreams and never allow anyone to tell you or make it’s impossible for something you really want and believe you must continue to strive until the goal at hand is reached .she was told several times she wouldn’t live to see tomorrow or that her baby wouldn’t make it to see another day , she overcame all man made and doctors assumptions and diagnoses on her life and the life’s of her unborn child to see many more days . Rosalind helped anyone in need she would give you the shirt off her back if she had to, she opened her doors to all, we called our house grand central station because she was always allowing someone to stay and get on their feet because her model was you know where you been but don’t know where you’re
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