Rosalind Wiseman's Essay 'The Queen Bee And Her Court'

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In Rosalind Wiseman’s essay “The Queen Bee and Her Court” she classifies teenage girls in a high school structure. The way Wiseman differentiates between these roles are very exact and distinct amongst the others. The classification amongst people is usually avoided amongst people, but Wiseman addresses the subject well. Classifying people is wrong and shouldn’t be done by anyone, yet it still happens every day. Distinctions amongst people are usually bad and offensive, but in some cases it may be possible. To begin, the classification of people is unethical and cruel. Wiseman write, “Who and what determine these positions and power plays?” I understand her question exactly who or what are these classifications based upon, where they came from. Judging or assuming one person may have certain tendencies, characteristics, or actions, without knowing them personally is rude. People are most often differentiated by their race. Racial stereotypes are more common than other stereotypes because they range from harmful to hurtful. Recently I went into a gas station and a little white woman needed…show more content…
Religious classifications are done so as an act of terror to break down people in spite of fear. A common classification of religions is that Muslims are terrorist, since 9/11 people have viewed all Muslims and people of Arabic decent to be extremists and terrorists. Classifying all Muslims as terrorist is an accusation that diminishes the view of Americans by foreigners. Religious classification do not just fall upon Muslims. Christians, Jews, Jehovah Witnesses, and so on all face different classifications based of their beliefs and traditions. Jews were killed by the thousands by Adolf Hitler, Christians were murdered in large numbers by the Romans, and Jehovah Witnesses have doors slammed in their face and are shunned more often than

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