Rosa's Funeral: A Short Story

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On November 2nd most people love attending El Dia De Los Muertos Festival in memory of their loved ones. This time Rosa decided to go in memory of her father. He was Rosa’s inspiration. He was a hard worker in his late 30’s always doing great in his job of cutting grass, cleaning yards, and planting flowers. Always trying to give Rosa everything she needed. Consequently, Rosa’s father died in a horrible car accident. While arriving at the festival in Mexico city, she saw several beautiful decorations. For example, she saw many flowers, candles, Mexican flags, papel picado, and photos of people’s loved one.
As Rosa walked past a mirror, she started to look at herself. She was a short beautiful 18 year old girl with long curly hair, was wearing a red and black bodycon laced dress. Her face was painted like a sugar skull while wearing a big red rose flower crown. Rosa was a respectful, kind, enthusiastic, and caring person
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Then Antonio’s ex girlfriend Alejandra, a tall gorgeous 19 year old girl with short hair, a short black mini dress, and a mean attitude goes up to Rosa and Antonio. Alejandra then grabs Antonio’s arm and pulls him away from Rosa and tells him, “ What are you doing talking to this girl, you were supposed to be here with me not whoever she is.” He then pulls his arm away from her and says, “Don’t touch me we're not dating anymore remember you're the one who broke up with me.”
Then Antonio tells Alejandra, “ This beautiful girl here is Rosa and I am here with her on this night.” He then takes Rosa away to go sit at a table and apologizes to her for Alejandra’s rude behavior. After they both left, Alejandra is offended and furious because of what Antonio said to her. She then plans to get revenge on Rosa so that she would stay away from Antonio. Meanwhile, Antonio then asks, “ Rosa do you want to go see something?”
Rosa replied, “ Yeah

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