Rosaura In The Stolen Party

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In the stolen party, Liliana heker uses feelings and emotions to hook the reader. Rosaura hooks many readers on to rosaura. Often said, she “links” you to her. Rosaura might have known it was coming though, she was pretty hesitant about the party. The story would not work without emotion. After all, the story is built on it. Heker hooks readers. Liliana Heker uses emotion to hook her readers. Rosaura lives with extreme emotion. Rosaura has more than one mood swing. Rosaura's mom does not like the party one bit. She doubts any of it is actually true. Of course it does end up being true. Many may say, that rosaura might have known it was coming, after all she was hesitant to go to the party in the first place. she might have saw it coming
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