Leni Riefenstahl: The First Major Hollywood Scandal

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I enjoyed all the presentation but four people really caught my attention and I would love to learn more about them. I was enthralled by the Roscoe Arbuckle story. Leni Riefenstahl was an absolutely fascinating person. Robert Rodriguez’s story made me want to learn more about his filmmaking. Lastly, I want to learn more about Katherine Hepburn. Roscoe Arbuckle the first major Hollywood scandal. Arbuckle’s story is a captivating one seeing how successful his career was. Being the first major scandal it is captivating to realize how Hollywood scandals haven’t changed in 80 years. Arbuckle’s success is an incredible story seeing how he was able to create a successful physical comedy career weighing so much. He was so successful that at the time he was considered one of the top actors in Hollywood. It is also amazing to see how quickly even back then a career could be destroyed by one accusation. The fact that he went to trial three times over a hung jury is an incredible and rare circumstance especially since his case was the talk of the country.…show more content…
I find Hepburn fascinating for similar reasons I find Rodriguez. Hepburn challenged the status quo and won. She had an immensely successful career but she didn’t bow to the Hollywood smut machine. When I say this I am talking about her ability to say shove it to all the Hollywood pressure and decrees for women to be dressed and visualized as sex objects. I think it is amazing that Hepburn said no and relied on her amazing natural ability to act to be a successful woman in Hollywood. I find it fascinating that she was also able to overcome so many hardships in her life and career. To overcome her brother’s death and use that sadness to drive her career and knowledge forward. Her ability to also overcome Hollywood’s lash back at her decision to do movies her way is incredible and fascinating. Hepburn’s drive and self-respect lures me to want to learn about her and the amazing career she
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