A Rose For Emily Character Traits

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Many human beings deal with psychological traits that may not be easy to handle. They can vary throughout the people regarding if they run through the family or is picked up during a lifetime. Also the way a certain someone deals with the trait can describe them both physically, and mentally and can show a lot about their backgrounds. In the short story, “A Rose For Emily”, the author William Faulkner, creates the main character Emily, like so. Even though she is the main character, she is a bit on the crazy side, has issues solving her problems, and is socially unstable. The character of a person is not who they really are but a representation of who they are forced to be. Emily is a typical 1900s lady living with her father. She lives in a large house and has no other family besides her father. “She is not married and her father won't let her get married or even to talk to any of the men her in community.”…show more content…
That can conclude why she did what she did with homer baron. Homer Baron was a Yankee and emily was not even allowed to be with a yankee. She was with him and had an affair so at that point in her life where no man would have been willing to marry her. The author made her this way not because she wants to but she is unaware of how to act and behave. She is forced to live a life with rules, and burdens. She is not used to living a regular life like getting married and having a job. The way this story is viewed can draw a lot of criticism. If being seen through a perspective of a gender or feminist critic. The time period played a big role in her life because she was a female. Her character treatment is a little unfair per say due to her disadvantage in that society. She could have lived a normal following her father's death and not getting with another man. William Faulkner's wants to show how women could have acted in those types of
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