Rose For Emily Denial

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“A Rose for Emily”, written by William Faulkner, is a short story that fits into the Southern Gothic genre. The short story is about the life and death of Emily Grierson. The story written in the perspective of the townspeople living in Jefferson. This narrative shows Emily as a woman who can’t come to accept reality and the situations caused by her denial. Emily Grierson exhibits bizarre behavior that would cause her to engage in necrophilia. The short story also shows that the townspeople are in denial. Just like Emily Grierson. Emily Grierson's behavior should link her to Homer's disappearance. Yet, the townspeople would not accuse her of doing so because it would contradict her image as a monument. Their denial is evident through their…show more content…
But Emily refuses to accept her father death and keep his body. It took the townspeople three days to persuade her to let go off her father’s body. The townspeople saw her actions as necessary and logical and would not call her insane. This is because the townspeople saw Emily as a monument. If Emily Grierson were a regular person, the townspeople would see her actions as insane. Furthermore, the narrator stated that they believed she had to do that. By using the word “believe” it gives off the notion that they were a bit uneasy about her actions. If the townspeople were to claim she was insane now, they would accept that she was not a high class woman. An image they associated her with. Thus, leading the townspeople to accept her actions as part of her grieving. This also allowed Emily's mental state to go unchecked and further escalate to murder. The towns officials never resolved the caused by Emily Grierson directly with her. Especially those that would link her to Homer’s disappearance. This also shows that Emily as a monument and a high class woman. The main evidence of this is, would be when Emily Grierson's house began to reek. This is when the narrator
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