Rose For Emily Reflection

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After I have read and reread the short stories listed in the Complete section of this week, I find that A Rose for Emily intrigues me the most. I think it is probably due to the way the story is narrated. I like the way it is framed in a first-person point of view but also relies on the feelings of many. In the nearly 90 years since William Faulkner produced A Rose for Emily, many writers, scholars and critics have written about the intriguing story and have produced many different opinions regarding the meaning of the title, the plot and numerous others points in the story. I have read this classic short story over and over and have drastically different ideas of why Emily did what she did depending on the point of view that I have at the time of the reading. This is my first look into a topic such as I am writing on now and feel quite overwhelmed with the idea that I have absolutely no clue what I am doing or how I am going to accomplish this task. It seems from reading the story and conducting basic research that one of the most talked about and controversial subjects is whether Emily went to bed, or even had sex, with her dead lover Homer Barron (Iken & Stralen, 2013). This topic, I feel, is key to both…show more content…
To me, it seems that the dedication of a former slave is almost inclusive in the death of Homer. How could he not know that Homer was dead? How could he not tell others? It seems to me the only reason he did not say anything was his commitment to the family name, or dedication to Emily, that he feels some type of unsubstantiated commitment to. I think that this level of commitment is exemplified by the fact that he stayed with Emily after her death, until others came and then he simply walked out of the story all together. To me, his involvement is the most bizarre part of the whole story. Toby was there from the start to the finish of this saga and actually has very little to do with the
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