Rose Under Fire Analysis

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Calculated Risk: Finding Character Evolution in Wein’s Rose Under Fire In the short story Rose Under Fire Elizabeth E. Wein explores the theme that you must take risks to succeed at anything shown in the three parts of her story through character evolution subtly shown in the inner and outer conflicts of the story. The main character, Rose Justice, was just informed that her friend had died trying to tip a doodlebug (an unmanned AA missile), this leaves a couple of inner issues for Rose to deal with. Rose is very young, she is still just getting used to independance and still thinks about what her father would do in many situations.
“‘She is dead, not even a soldier and still KIA,’” 3
This is a hit to Rose, she is angered she wants to make
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Once again it payed off. Telling the story lifted all the guilt and pain off of her shoulders. She made the decision that day to celebrate the experience as a way to campaign more people against the Nazis, and due to her efforts many people were made aware of the constant tragedies that went on inside of Nazi Germany camps.
Two out of three times that Rose took a risk it payed off. Once she escaped her torture and the other time she improved her life and the lives of countless other women who were in the same position as her, and as Rose would argue, if she never took the risk to tip the bug, she would have never had this experience, never formed the bonds she did, she would never meet Irina and Roza, she would be normal, from the beginning she wanted to make a difference and due to risk taking, she
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Still as Rose believes this, she also believes that she is destined to do greater things, and know that changing the lives of just a few can still make just as big a difference as changing the lives of thousands. Elizabeth E. Wein explores the theme that you must evolve inside yourself to become a better person, sometimes through drama, sometimes through trauma, you always have to change to evolve to your current situation, and to become a better person. Millions of people throughout the 20th century went through some of the most inhumane and unacceptable times of the human race as a species, these were the events of World War Two. Political, War, and Religiously “Criminal” prisoners experienced horrible acts performed inside of the Nazi German camps now known as concentration camps. Millions of people had to adjust to the lifestyle of being treated as less than all their surroundings, they had to get used to shoveling the bodies of their friends whose eyes glimmered just hours ago dull. These people had to evolve, infact the whole planet did. As a people we never experienced any hatred quite like this in our evolution and history, maybe just stories of the Crusades, or invasions of Rome, Byzantium and more, but never did this happen to people really. It was all just stories of the years past, thousands of years
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