Rosemary Almond Quotes

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Rosemary Almond was a housewife that was abused by her husband, Derek Almond. Throughout the book we saw that she really loved her husband, but because of the stress that her husband was going through with the terrorist on the loose and the pressure from the leader he was mean and abusive towards her. She played one of the damsels in distress in the book because she was in situations where she needed to be rescued. First by her husband who abused her and almost shot her, but decided not to because the gun was not loaded. We can see that he hurt her badly in panel 6, page 65 where there was a red spot on her clothes because he slapped her and hit her for asking for them to be intimate. After that Rosemary turned into the widow in distress because V killed her husband and which caused her to be distraught because she really loved him. Mrs. Almond didn’t have a job and she didn’t have any…show more content…
The leader, Adam Susan was a prominent figure in the society and killing him proved that she was not just the damsel in distress that everyone thought her to be. She never let go of her marriage, which was seen on page 227, book three when she looked at the picture of Mr. Almond and her which proved that she did not move on from his death. Most of her actions that she did were because her husband and she did them in her his name because he risked everything for the leader when he joined them after the war. Before the war he loved her and cared about other people, but after the war he changed. Rosemary was angry at Adam Susan because she believed he was responsible for her husband’s death. She had to suffer through Mr. Almond’s rage and the fact that the leader didn’t even recognize her because she went all the parties with her husband. He even didn’t remember her face, this drove her into vengeance for her marriage and
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