Rosemary Kennedy Flatland Analysis

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While I was reading flatland and it was talking about the women, the first thing that popped into my mind was Rosemary Kennedy. The way the women were getting treated in flatland was very similar to how Rosemary got treat. you 're Probably wondering what happened to the women in flatland and Rosemary Kennedy? Well thats what im gonna be explaining in this report. When Rose was about to give birth to rosemary, there wasn 't a doctor there only a nurse. According to People, “when the nurse was told that the doctor 's arrival was delayed, the nurse then told rose to hold her legs together. But then rose pushed rose back up the birth canal for two hours!”. Of course something bad happened in the result of this, “rosemary suffered from from…show more content…
Ever since Rosemary was little, her dad Joseph was always comparing her to her brother and since she was his first daughter but third child he expected her to be as intelligent as her siblings and she was pretty much looked upon by her father as a special needs child. Rosemary was not like normal people and was seen to be irregular just like the women in flatland. Also in flatland, the women were not aloud to go to school because they were thought of as not that smart enough to attend school. If you Diana Anderson Block 3 11/17/15 think about it, in flatland they are pretty much segregating/Discriminating against the women because they are different than the others. The main focus of connection with flatland was supposed to be between the women and Rosemary Kennedy and how they were both mistreated in a similar manner. The women had a hard life just as Rosemary did, just because they were women they were expected more out of and looked upon as nothing. Even though they both had hard lives they both managed to make it through the long journey and are considered
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