Rosemary We Are Ourselves Analysis

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From the time we are born, we are surrounded by people. People we love with all our hearts, and people we could live without. People we’ve known since we were babies, and people we never really get to meet. Best friends and enemies. Acquaintances and family members. Each new life experience gives us a whole new group of people to be around. At eighteen years old, I like to think that I have had numerous unique life experiences that have helped me shape my own life. However, I know that to truly believe that would mean I was the stereotypical college freshman. So, while I am proud of my life experiences and know they have affected who I am, I also know that just like Rosemary in We are all Completely Beside Ourselves, I have a combination of relationships of friends, family, and acquaintances to thank for helping me get this far in…show more content…
Each came into my life just when I needed them and have made a lasting impression. I guess Rosemary and I really aren’t so different after all. Each person in her life seemed to enter just when she needed them most and they all taught her something different about life. I have certainly learned valuable lessons from the people in my life. But these are obviously not the only people who have helped me. I deliberately left my parents and other family members out of the essay. Partially, this is because I believe it’s so obvious that they shaped my life. The other part is that I wanted to challenge myself to think of other people who might not normally get recognized as important people in my life. As I move forward with my first semester of college, I am bringing pieces of all of these people with me.. So, I’m going to continue on in college knowing I have so many people behind me. I will also always remember that the most important thing they could have taught me was to simply be
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