Rosemary's Monologue

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HELLO! I wrote this story for my friend for English class. 95% of this is written in flashbacks. ------- Rosemary 's POV It 's the first day of my week on this cruise ship, and I already want to go home. It 's not exactly my cup of tea. I 'm a relatively shy and quiet person, being around big groups of people isn 't my thing. I wish I were at home and able to have my party instead of being stuck on a boat for seven days. Why did my parents have to bring me on a cruise for my 18th birthday? They know me better than anyone, they know I don 't like these types of things. People, and I don 't mix. Whenever I try to talk to someone, I become mute or whisper quietly, or speak very little. I 'm not a people person, I 'm much happier by myself,…show more content…
"Sorry," he giggled and set me back down on my feet. He headed over to the chairs and patted the space next to him. "How old are you?" "18, this is my 18th birthday present." "Really? I 'm 18 too, but this isn 't my birthday present," he said rather sadly. "No one knows when my birthday is," he mumbled, hoping I wouldn 't catch what he said. "What do you mean?" I asked him confused. "I 'm an orphan. And you 're a rich girl." I nodded. "Normally rich girls aren 't friends with people with less money." I shook my head and patted him on the back. "That still doesn 't make you 're an amazing friend. I could care less if you were rich or poor, to me, you are one of my best friends." He looked up at me with a twinkle in his eye. "Really? Can we be friends after the cruise is over?" "Sure," I said with a grin. For the rest of the day, Demetrius and I talked, it seemed as if we had been friends for years, but, In fact, it 's only been two days. "You 're making progress with that boy," my mother sang, as I entered the room. "He 's the one you 're going to marry." "Mom please," I groaned plopping down on the bed. "Be careful," dad added. I nodded and got under the covers. Two days down, five to…show more content…
"We 've hit something." "What!" I shout. I have to find Demetrius and make sure he is okay. I ran out of the room and towards his room, the ship does seem slightly leaned a bit. "Rosemary!" He shouted, running towards me. "We have to get out of here!" He yelled, pulling my hand. "Wait, my mother!" I shouted, waving for her to hurry. She runs and takes my hand as Demetrius pulls us long; the ship is now even more slanted. Everyone is shouting, pushing, trying desperately to try and get out. "What are we going to do?" I asked; panic in my voice certainly heard. "Shh, calm down and think. You 're good at coming up with solutions for these types of situations," my mother said calmly to me. I nodded and thought. What to use, what to use! Think Rosemary. I look around, and my eye caught a piece of the ship someone has thrown on board. "Grab it!" I shouted and pointed. Demetrius ran over and got the big piece of board. "Throw it!" I shouted, feeling myself falling over from the slant of the ship. He threw it into the water, looking at me for what to do next. "I think I know what you 're going to do next," he said. "Jump!" I shouted, pulling him as I jumped over the side, my mother following. I plunged into

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