Rosenblatt's Essay 'America Is Its Sports'

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Question 1:
In his article Rosenblatt’s claim that “America is its sports” presents the idea that the American dream is represented through its sports, and that sports represent American ideologies expressing self-determination, freedom of expression and equal opportunity for all. Sports are perhaps the means in which Americans silently measure their aspirations, hopes and fears. “But basketball, football and baseball are ours- derived in unspoken ways from our ambitions and inclinations, reflective of our achievements and our losses, and our souls.” (Beckelhimer 4) Rosenblatt’s choice of words in his comment “part of being American is to live without too much introspection. It is the undercurrents of sports that one feels American, which may
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Rather upholding the values and ideals that exist within American that represent our constitution and bill of rights. Living and upholding those standards in which we pledge allegiance is more of a measurable method in which one can pass judgment on what makes you an American. If being an American was measured by the love of sports I would definitely not be considered one. I am really not into sports like that, however I did enjoy watching baseball when I was younger because of the stories my grandmother used to tell. I imagined gaining the feeling of excitement that she said she had when players like Jackie Robinson stepped out on the field, which was far beyond my time. It was exciting for me to hear her stories. While baseball had sentimental value for people like my grandmother, football was my baseball. I have grown up in a football family, all my brothers played football, so I grew an appreciation for the sport because I was a tomboy. When I had my son I became even more passionate about it. I had to show him that dreams and hopes can come true if you are consistent. I can through experiencing the game with my son in many ways relate to that sense of American

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