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Artifacts allow people today to look back and appreciate the history of other cultures, and to gain more knowledge and insight on how the people in those cultures lived. The Rosetta Stone is one of those artifacts. The Rosetta Stone is a priceless piece of ancient history that allows modern day people to learn more about the culture and language of the ancient Egyptians through its carved inscriptions. The Rosetta Stone was originally displayed in a temple, and was moved during the early medieval period, eventually being used as a building material in the town of Rosetta, near the northern coast of Egypt. French soldiers discovered it in 1799. The stone later came into British possession in 1801, when they defeated the French in Egypt. The stone has been in the British Museum in London since 1802, only being moved once during World War II because of its safety. Egyptians have demanded for the stone’s return to Egypt since 2003, something the British are not eager to…show more content…
The stone is a decree about Ptolemy V, who was at the time of the inscription, the ruler of Egypt. The text praises the ruler, calling him “glorious”, and “triumphant” (Halsall). The stone talks about his generosity to the people, and how he may bring prosperity to Egypt and its citizens. The Rosetta Stone itself is only a fraction of a complete stele. The stone has survived through numerous breakages, which give it a characteristic shape that is easily recognizable. The part of the stone that still exists is mostly the bottom half of the original stele. The hieroglyphic section is the one that has lost the most amount of text, with over half of it breaking away, an estimated twenty-nine lines. The original Rosetta Stone before breakage was thought to have a rounded top, with sides that taper as they go up (Parkinson). The original slab was estimated to be around fifty-nine inches

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