Roseville Town Carnival Evening Monologue

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Ext: Roseville Town Carnival-Evening Cammie retrieve’s Mr. Smith’s Dr Pepper bottle from the trash bin. She drops it once she sees Josh watching her. The bottle rolls toward the curb and Cammie runs towards it, trying to pick it up. Josh’s hand picks the bottle up first. Cammie stands up and Josh hands the bottle to Cammie. She takes it. Josh puts one hand in the pocket of his jeans. • JOSH (smiling): Hi, there. So, do you come here often? Cammie smiles. • JOSH (smiling): See, you don’t even have to answer that, because I know all the trash cans in town, and while this is a very nice trash can, it doesn’t look like the kind of trash can a girl like you would normally scavenge from. Cammie tries to intervene, but Josh continues. • JOSH (smiling):…show more content…
• JOSH: See, she’s kind of famous for her pies, so whenever she goes anywhere, she likes for people to ask about her pie about ten times before she unveils it, or something. Lame, huh? • CAMMIE: No. I think it’s kinda nice. Josh starts to turn. • CAMMIE: Was Keith surprised? • JOSH: No, he’s never surprised. But he fakes it pretty good. Bex falls down to Liz’s level as she tries to fix Liz’s tangled cables. She gives Cammie a thumbs up and mouths, He’s cute. • JOSH: You wanna go get a Coke? Bex aims a tracking device into the back of Josh’s shoe and fires it. • CAMMIE: So, this is where you live? • JOSH: Yeah. All my life. Bex and Liz fall to the ground with a whizzing sound and the clanging of metal trash cans. Josh waved the noise away. • JOSH: This neighborhood has all kinds of dogs. • CAMMIE: Oh. More clanging sounds. • CAMMIE: Big ones, I guess. Cammie exhales when she sees Bex cover Liz’s mouth with her hand and pull her into the bushes on the far side of the yard. • CAMMIE: Oh, um, I told my mom I’d go get her jacket out of the car. Cammie steps toward the vehicles covering the street. • JOSH: I’ll go with- • BOY: Josh! Josh glances at the boy and waved at him. • CAMMIE: You go on. • JOSH: No,

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